The Differences Between Lavender & Lavandin


Lavandula Angustifolia "Royal Velvet" at Copper Knoll Farms

Lavandula Angustifolia or true lavender is also known as “English Lavender”. They are generally shorter, compact plants that bloom in early summer and can have a second bloom in late summer. Lavender plants have only one flower head per stem and the colors are deep and vibrant.

Dried Lavender bouquets often keep their beautiful color, which makes them ideal for crafting. Lavender buds are also edible and used in culinary delights like lattes, lemonade, cookies, meat dishes, and more.

The scent profile of Lavender essential oil is a sweet, floral aroma. The essential oil of Lavender is ideal for aromatherapy and relaxation.  Using Lavender essential oil in a diffuser before bedtime is great way to help aid in sleeping.


Lavandula x Intermedia "Grosso" at Copper Knoll Farms

Lavandula x Intermedia or Lavandin is also known as “French Lavender”. These varieties of lavender have longer stems that bloom mid summer. Lavandin plants can have up to three flower heads per stem and the colors are not as vibrant as true Lavender.

Dried Lavandin bouquets often have softer, muted colors compared to their Lavender counterparts. Lavandin buds are unpalatable and not recommended for culinary use. They are however, perfect to use in sachets to scent drawers and closets.

The scent profile of Lavandin is herbal and woody compared to Lavender. This is due to the increased presence of camphor in the essential oil. This also makes the oil have a stronger aroma and is often considered a stimulant. Lavandin essential oil is perfect for adding fragrance to your home or in bath products.

We offer both Lavender and Lavandin Essential Oils that are distilled by us directly on our farm. You can shop by browsing all of our products by clicking here or from the menu at the top of our website.

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