Chester is a fourth generation farmer with experience raising animals, hay, row crops, and nursery stock. He is an avid gardener with lots of old fashion tricks and know how.  He enjoys hunting, forestry, and spending time in the woods.

Kimberly did not grow up on a farm but she was quickly immersed in the lifestyle when she met Chester. Kimberly is a professional artist who uses her artwork to advocate for farmers and young farmer education. You can see her work here.

When Chester & Kimberly started dating in 2008, their first dates were spent baling hay and harvesting spinach. It was in the fields of southern New Jersey where they fell in love and dreamed of owning their own farm. They married in 2012 and began their family. They have two children, Courtney and Kent.

After years of searching and much consideration, they purchased their farm in 2019. Although the property is not the conventional, open field format that many people think of when they hear the word “farm”, it has endless possibilities for their out-of-the-box thinking, agricultural practices, and the lifestyle they wish to live as a family. The Englishs look forward to educating their customers about forest farming and the ability to grow specialty crops and meats amongst a managed forest system. 

What Our Customers Are Saying


We had planned a back yard camp out for our kids but our own wood supply was wet. Our last minute purchase from Copper Knoll Farms was a huge success. The wood is clean and burns hot. It’s generously portioned for the price, and was perfectly dry resulting in an effortless, enjoyable campfire experience. We’ll be back for more!

C. Pilling

Eggs are a key source of protein and nutrients in my diet and knowing where they come from and how they are farmed is important to me. I’ve been getting my eggs for several months now from Copper Knoll Farm and couldn’t be happier. I enjoy the friendly service that’s provided and seeing the chickens milling about the farm when I arrive to pick up my order. Being handed eggs directly from the farmer gives me confidence they are highest quality and freshness. This is paramount to me as I use an egg custard as base for my homemade ice cream and enjoy a sunny side up here and there. The eggs are beautiful and delicious and I will continue to order my dozens from this farm.

Leslie Walker