Sustainably Harvested
Seasoned Firewood
Locally grown, seasoned firewood for your bon fire, wood stove insert, or fire box. Logs are about 16-18” long. Wood is responsibly harvested within our Forest Management Plan.
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“Forest Grown Goodness for Your Mind, Body, & Soul”

Chester & Kimberly

We're the owners of Copper Knoll Farms and we look forward to sharing our farming journey with you. We intend to leave a healthier forest for the generations to come. 

Our Mission

At Copper Knoll Farms, our mission is to produce the highest quality products that reduce stress while promoting self care. We strive to manage our farmland and forest in an environmentally friendly, sustainable manner while conserving resources and wildlife. Our goal is educate and share our farm with customers to enhance their understanding of how forest ecosystems can be productive agricultural spaces.

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.”

— John Muir