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Elderberry Kit Duo

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A great ready to give gift to yourself or loved one! Each kit comes ready to use with just the right amount of spices and are fun and easy to make. Just add water and honey! Directions are included. 2 ounce net weight. Makes 16 ounces of elderberry syrup. Our elderberries are grown without the use of any pesticides or chemicals. Includes:

Elderberry Syrup Starter Kit
Mason Jar with Lid
Antique Spoon (style may vary)

Ingredients: Dehydrated elderberries, Dried Elderflower, USDA organic cinnamon stick, USDA organic ginger, USDA organic cloves.

Product of New Jersey, USA.

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    Elderberry Kit Duo
    Elderberry Kit Duo

    Elderberry FAQs

    How long will my elderberries stay fresh after purchasing?

    Refrigerate your elderberries to maintain freshness. It is recommended to use fresh elderberries 3-5 days from the harvest date.

    Can I freeze elderberries?

    Yes! If you cannot process your elderberries right away, you can place them in the freezer. Elderberries come in a freezer safe bag.

    How many cups of elderberries are in a pound?

    There are approximately 3.5-4 cups of elderberries per one pound bag.

    Do I need to cook the elderberries before eating?

    Yes, elderberries need to be cooked before eating.

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