How We Named Our Farm


In this blog post we are sharing the process in how we named our farm and the meaning behind it. Naming a farm is truly a unique experience that requires a lot of thought and planning. We actually named our farm and formed our LLC a year and a half before we purchased our farm!

When most people name their farm, they usually use their last name. We thought about using this naming strategy; however, we wanted something a little more unique since there is already an "English Farms" in the family. Since we named our children with our first initials we wanted a farm name that had the letters "C" and "K". All of our first names begin with these letters and we thought it would be fitting that our farm name began with those letters as well to connect our family to the farm.

To begin the process, we brainstormed words that began with "C" and "K" and also different words that are used for a farm name business. I started a note in my phone and would update as ideas arose. You can see our whole list of options below.

How To Name a Farm
Obviously, we were rather limited with words that started with "K" but that actually helped to narrow down which "C" words sounded best with the limited options. Below you can see the combinations of farm names we came up with.

How To Name A Farm

We really liked "Knoll" for the "K" and ultimately chose "Copper" for our "C" word. We thought it would be a great nod to Chester's electrical profession and would provide great opportunities for branding our business with the use of copper. We also thought Copper Knoll sounded great together! After doing some searching on Google and social media platforms, we found that there were no farms using that name.

Some might think that we did it backwards but there were a lot of advantages to naming our farm before we found the right place. Since we already had our farm name picked out, we knew almost immediately that the farm we inevitable purchased was the right one.


Allen Jackson
Allen Jackson

Did not know the story leading to your present location. My daughter used to go to church in Aldine and I band bluebirds in that area. Thanks for sharing your past.
I have a “Lavender Creme Burlee Pie” recipe if you want it?

Kim Hunter
Kim Hunter

It’s you Kim you have a special mind and your family nurtures its power. Cheers to all of you and Enjoy Your great land.

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