Manifesting Our Dream Farm

Manifesting Our Dream Farm

In May of 2019, we were celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary. When I was brainstorming unique ideas of gifts to give to Chester, I read that copper was one of the traditional gifts. I thought it was very fitting that the current year of our anniversary coincided with our farm name.

At the time, we were heavily searching for our farm and spent much of our free time touring possibilities. To symbolize our search and to bring us good fortune, I found these copper penny keychains. My thought was that by buying these matching keychains with our wedding year, it would manifest our dream farm.

Less than one week later, I came across a Zillow listing for our farm. After years of searching, it was amazing how everything fell into place after that. I truly believe by putting our dreams out into the universe, we were able to finally find the perfect farm that we now call home.

Copper Penny Keychain

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