Why Mushrooms?

Some people might be wondering how we ended up deciding to grow mushrooms. After all, it is an uncommon crop to farm in our area.  We took a lot of time to research what types of crops we could grow that would be sustainable to the resources on our land and to us as a family.

As part of our Forest Management Plan, we must timber a certain amount of wood per year.Log grown mushrooms were a natural choice because of the abundant selection of hardwood found on our forest farm. Harvesting wood for firewood provides a great opportunity to utilize smaller limbs for mushroom production.

In the spring of 2020, we inoculated our first bolts (logs used for mushroom production). We had to patiently wait 12 months for our logs to colonize with shiitake mycelium before our first harvest in spring of 2021.

However, during a warm spell in December, we had our first mushroom fruit! It was so exciting to know our logs were doing well during the colonization phase.

Shiitake Mushroom growing in southern New Jersey on oak woodOur first shiitake mushroom

We will be sharing more facts about shiitake mushrooms, recipes, and behind the scenes of growing them on our blog. Follow along to learn more!

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