How to Start a Fire in Your Woodstove

Owning and operating a wood stove is a simple and cost effective way to provide your home with warmth. There are many ways to start a fire in a fireplace, but these steps are what works best for us.

1. Crumble newspaper loosely
2. Arrange newspaper and torn cardboard in the back center portion of the firebox. Make sure to leave air space.
3. Add smaller dry kindling or wood pieces into a pyramid form.
4. Add smaller logs to your pile.
5. Make sure your damper is open to allow air flow and ignite the pile from the bottom.
6. Depending on your stove, you may need to leave your firebox door open slightly until the fire is established. This should only be done while present, do not walk away from your stove and be sure to close it.

Once your fire is established, add dry wood and adjust damper as needed to keep the fire continuously burning. Remember to clean your chimney regularly to ensure safe burning conditions. We hope you have found this tutorial helpful.

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