Nurturing Roots: Witnessing Children's Growth on the Family Farm

Each season on the farm brings new discoveries of growth and learning. Whether it's finding out a new way to accomplish a task or solving a problem, the farm continually offers lessons that enrich our understanding and experience. Working together as a family is such a blessing in so many ways. One of the most rewarding aspects is seeing our children become more independent, strong, and self confident. As each year passes their abilities become more pronounced and this past weekend revealed amazing growth.

The main project was to split the wood from the trees we have been harvesting (you can watch the video here). While I was running the farm store on Saturday, Chester and the kids split and loaded 2 cords of firewood for a local delivery. It was a long day with lots of breaks in between but they were so proud of the work they were able to accomplish. They would roll the rounds to the splitter for Chester to split or throw the split pieces into the trailer. Come night time, we were all very tired from a great day spent doing physical work.

After a delicious Sunday morning breakfast of pancakes and scrapple, we ventured out to edge of the forest to continue the task of splitting and delivering more firewood. Since the farm store was closed, I was able to witness first hand the kids at work and the pride they were taking in getting the job done. I helped manage the large pieces with Chester on the log splitter while the kids would take the split pieces and put them into the trailer. They each had their own spot and knew exactly where to stand or when something needed to be done. It was so heart warming to see the smiles on their faces when they would throw a piece of wood into the pile a little further than the last time or being able to roll a large piece of wood.

The weekend's activities not only involved physical labor but also provided valuable hands-on learning experiences for our children. Engaging in tasks such as splitting and loading firewood not only teaches practical skills but also instills important values like perseverance, responsibility, and teamwork. As they actively worked alongside us, I couldn't help but notice how their abilities and interests have grown over time. From confidently handling the logs to efficiently loading the split pieces into the trailer, it's evident that they've become stronger and are also more enthusiastic about working together on the farm. These hands-on experiences provide a sense of accomplishment and pride while also providing a platform for them to explore their interests and talents. Witnessing their development firsthand fills us with immense happiness, knowing that they're not only learning valuable skills but also cultivating a deep appreciation for hard work and collaboration.

As we continue this journey of living a simple life rooted in hard work and togetherness, we're reminded of the profound joy that comes from sharing these moments with our children. Each season brings new challenges and triumphs, but through it all, we remain grateful for the opportunity to nurture our family, cultivate our farm, and build a legacy that extends far beyond the fields. In the end, it's the simple moments, like those spent splitting firewood and witnessing our children's growth, that remind us of the beauty and richness of life. And for that, we are truly grateful.

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