Burning Wood is a Lifestyle

There’s an old saying that burning firewood heats you three times; when you cut it, when you split and stack it, and when you burn it. There’s no doubt that choosing to heat a home with wood is a lifestyle. It takes a lot of work that takes year-round intentional preparation. And to us us, it is worth all of the effort!
Firewood is a renewable resource that provides unsurpassed warmth and comfort. Wood burning stoves are the most energy efficient and powerful source of heat. Firewood has also been declared by the EPA as a carbon neutral fuel.
The firewood harvested and processed on our farm is certified Jersey Grown by the New Department of Agriculture. This means we follow a Woodlands Management Plan and work with our forester to help improve and sustain the health of our forest while conserving resources and wildlife. 
If you are local, you can purchase our firewood from our website or head to Sickler's Circle View Farm

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