Bluebird Trail on the Farm

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The New Jersey Bluebird Society reached out to us to establish a trail on our farm. We are so excited to add nesting boxes for these beneficial birds on our farm!

Reasons why you should add bluebird boxes to your home or farm:

  1. They are a natural pest control. Bluebirds eat caterpillars, mosquitos, grasshoppers, moths, crickets, spiders, termites, and grubs.

  2. If you have a box on your property, it will be utilized year round. In our region, most Bluebirds do not migrate. They will stay in their established box during the winter and eat berries.

  3. Bluebirds can lay 3-5 eggs which can take about 12-14 days to hatch. They can hatch 2-4 clutches of eggs in one breeding season! Having a box is a great way to help increase the population of Bluebirds.

Bluebird eggs laid at Copper Knoll Farms

Eggs Laid and Knol Guard Installed

One week after installing the boxes, we had a nest and 4 eggs! A Knol Guard was installed to prevent snakes and raccoons from attacking the eggs. The pointy wire cage helps to keep predators out while allowing the bluebirds to easily enter and exit their nest.

Twelve days after the last egg was laid began to hatch! We are so excited that a new generation of Bluebirds are beginning here on our farm. In about 7-10 days, our local New Jersey Bluebird Society coordinator will band the birds for identification and tracking purposes. 

Knol Guard installed on bluebird box at Copper Knoll Farms

Bluebird Banding

Bird banding is done for identification and research purposes and requires a special permit to be able to apply them. The bands do not harm the bird in anyway because a special bird banding tool is used to crimp the band to a certain size. This makes it like a small bracelet or anklet for the bird.

Each small metal band has numbers that are entered into a database. If the birds are ever found, they will be able to tell they came from our farm. How cool is that?!

Our Bluebirds hatched 10 days ago and our local New Jersey Bluebird Society coordinator, Bernnie, came to the farm to band the birds. First, she took them all out of the nest to make sure they are healthy. This helpful to ensure there isn’t anything wrapped around their wings or legs. 

Next each bird has a small band crimped around their leg. The total process takes only a couple of minutes and all the birds are returned safely to their nest. Our birds slept through the entire process!

Bluebird banding done at Copper Knoll Farms

Bluebird Timeline

May 24 - Bluebird Box installed 
May 25 - Nest was built
May 30 - 2 eggs were laid
June 1 - 2 more eggs were laid
June 2 - last egg was laid
June 14 - Hatching day - 4 eggs hatched
June 24 - Banding Day
July 4 - All 5 Bluebirds fledged the nest

1 comment

Allen Jackson
Allen Jackson

The correct name is “Noel” Guard and also correct the spelling in the title from gaurd to guard.

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